Essie – Perfect Posture (Gel Couture Ballet Nudes)

I wasn’t a big fan when Essie released their Gel Couture line, I didn’t really see why I needed it in my life. I didn’t find the colors very unique and most of the time gel-like nail polish systems are just an excuse for a higher price. A while ago I tried Twill Seeker and I was actually surprised by the unique color and the amazing formula. A few weeks back, Essie released a limited edition for the Gel Couture line called Ballet Nudes. I decided to try one, the baby blue Perfect Posture.

Perfect Posture is a pale blue shade with a little bit of purple. When I unpacked it I was super surprised, it almost looked white. I thought they had sent me the wrong bottle, but it turns out Perfect Posture is just really pale. The polish seems to contain a drop of grey, which makes it very delicate. It makes sense, since it is a neutral collection after all.

I was afraid that this polish would take a million years to get it completely opaque. Never have I been so wrong! It took only 2 easy coats to get this on opaque. I had no difficulties applying it whatsoever. Definitely not what I expected, but it makes me so happy. Apparently it is possible to create pale shades with a nice coverage! The only thing that I noticed is that I needed to shake the bottle really well because some of the darker pigment separates.

comparison of pale blues from left to righ: Essie virgin snow, L'Oreal Gourmandise, Essie Perfect Posture, Essence Winter Wonderland
I’ve taken out my most similar colors, it wasn’t really worth to swatch them all so I’ve just taken a picture of the bottles. From left to right: Essie Virgin Snow (EU version), L’Oreal Gourmanise, Essie Perfect Posture, Essence Winter Wonderland. I think it is obvious from the picture that Gourmandise and Virgin snow contain too much pink to be true dupes. Winter Wonderland is the closest to Perfect Posture, but Perfect Posture contains a little bit more purple and grey. So no true dupes, although Winter Wonderland and Perfect Posture are very similar. I’ve heard that the US-version of Virgin Snow ís a dupe for Perfect Posture, but I do not own it.

So? Have you already seen the new Essie Ballet Nudes? What do you think about it? Personally, I don’t think I’m going to get any of the other shades. For me, this one was the most unique, but I’m definitely happy with my purchase.

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