Picture Polish – Meow (collaboration shade with nata3110nata)

the bottle of picture polish mossy, picture polish meow and picture polish dragonfly aligned

I put Picture Polish Meow on and off my wishlist for about a million times. The reason was that I couldn’t decide if I REALLY needed it in my life. In some of the pictures that I saw, it looked super pretty and unique and on others it just looked “mehh”. Now I know why, because Meow is a true chameleon and depending on the lighting it looks really different. So before I go any further a little disclaimer; in real life Meow looks a little bit more green than my pictures show.swatch of picture polish meow

Picture Polish describes Meow as a sage green polish. I kind of agree, I wouldn’t know a better description. Although it definitely does not look as one of the bright sage green colors, but more like the darker ones with a hint of blue. The color is really unique, I do not have anything that is close. The holographic finish is very similar to that of Remember. It is very subtle, like most of the Picture Polish shades I own. Meow also seems to contain golden sparkles, although they are more pronounced in the bottle than on the nail.

The formula was very easy to work with, it covered perfect in two coats. I must say, I really like that about Picture Polish shades, they always have a very consistent formula. I’m still in love with the Picture Polish brush, it is a flat square brush, it is very easy to work with.

swatch of picture polish meow

I wish I could have captured the color of this shade more accurate, but shades like this are just impossible to capture. I was actually pretty surprised when I unpacked this shade, because it was so different of what I expected it to be. But at least, I warned you 😉 As a green lover, I really love the color of this polish! So for me, the surprise was mostly positive!

You can buy Picture Polish directly from the Picture Polish website. I’ve bought mine from their dutch stockist, Pretty Polish.

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