Review of ILNP – Cabin fever (Winter 2016)

picture of a bottle of ILNP Cabin fever

A color that I never expected to like is burnt orange. I never really noticed it and I always thought of it as an ugly color. But somewhere in 2016 I realized how amazing this color actually was. I have no idea why I never realized that before. When ILNP released a bronze/burnt orange shade called cabin fever, I HAD to have it. (Lately, I’m typing this sentence way to often.)

swatch of ILNP cabin fever (Winter 2016)

ILNP Cabin fever is a metallic bronze nail polish. It also filled with an amazing holographic effect. The holo is a little bit more dense than for example ILNP Looking up, but the base doesn’t completely exist of holo particles like in Mona Lisa. I’ve fallen head over heals for this color! The base is super unique and the metallic shimmer makes it even more special. I wish ILNP had released this polish in their Fall collection, because then I could have worn it even more often 🙂 And can we talk about the name? “Cabin fever” fits so well! It is perfect, which makes me love this polish even more.

swatch of ILNP cabin fever

I have no big complaints about the formula. I first tried wearing it with two coats, but I found that the color was a little bit more intense with 3 coats. 3 coats is what I’m wearing in the pictures. It dried a little bit slow, so I had to be careful for some time, but that’s literally my only complaint! I think this polish will also look amazing over a black creme. It seems to have a duochrome effect, so I’m hoping it will look amazing. However, I haven’t tried that, so no pictures yet, but I will definitely keep you posted!

swatch of ILNP cabin fever (winter 2016)

ILNP did it again! They again created an amazing and unique polish. Although I haven’t tried all polishes from the ILNP Winter 2016 collection yet, I’m already excited to see what ILNP is going to do for Spring. I’ve bought mine at Hypnotic Polish but you can also buy it directly from ILNP. I definitely recommend this polish, especially if you like burnt orange colors just as much as me!


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