Essence – Tip Top Taupe (The gel nail polish)

Essence tip top taupe bottle and brush

Every February and September Essence adds new colors to their Gel Nail polish range. Normally swatches of this new polishes appear quite soon somewhere on the internet. But even now, after a couple of months, it is hard to find swatches of these polishes. So I went to my local drugstore and just picked the colors that I liked most. I picked up Crashed the Party? and this one, called Tip Top Taupe. I didn’t really liked Crashed the Party, so I was hoping Tip Top Taupe was a better pick!

swatches of Essence tip top taupe

At first Tip Top Taupe looks like a regular grey polish. But when you look closely, you can see that it actually contains a hint of purple. Taupe is an almost perfect description, although I would maybe call it more a lilac taupe or mauve taupe. Essence is really doing amazing neutrals lately, and Tip Top Taupe is definitely one of them. It is a color that I would have expected from Essie, a neutral but with a twist. I was doubting whether this polish would look good on me, but I definitely like it.

swatches of Essence tip top taupe from the gel nail polish collection

Tip Top Taupe was almost a one coater, I think most people would be very happy with just one coat. I’m wearing two in these pictures. The formula was a little bit on the thick side.  I guess it is probably one of the reasons why Essence calls these polishes “gel”. That might also explain the shine of this polish, which is really amazing and definitely makes up for the thicker formula.

Essence tip top taupe from their gel nail polish range

Once again I’m really impressed by this Essence polish. It has a very unusual but classic color, that I’m expecting from more expensive brands like Essie or OPI. For 1,69 euro you can’t go wrong with Essence. Although some of the colors they release are not that special, this one is definitely one you should get when you love special neutrals!

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