ILNP – Bermuda Breeze (Spring 2017)

bottle of ILNP Bermuda Breeze from the spring collection

Today I’m reviewing my only polish (so far) from the ILNP Spring 2017 collection, Bermuda Breeze. I’m cheating a little bit because I also picked up Rosewater, but officially that’s part of the Ultra Color Kissed Ultra Holos. I can’t deny that there were some amazing polishes in the Spring 2017 collection, but of course the green one just called my name.

swatch of ilnp Bermuda breeze in artificial light

Bermuda Breeze is a green Ultra Holo. The type of holographic shimmer is exactly the same as in Mona Lisa. I would describe it as a linear holographic polish with larger scattered holographic particles. The holographic effect is of course super strong, but I’m used to that by now from ILNP. I couldn’t capture the holographic effect exactly, but trust me it’s strong. I expected that this polish would be a “true” green, but now I’m that I’m actually wearing it I find it actually kind of mint-y green. Most people will probably like that better than true greens. Mint green shades are in general much easier to wear than yellow-greens.

Swatch of ILNP Bermuda breeze in natural lighting

The formula was actually a little bit on the thin and sheer side. I had no problem applying it, but you will definitely need three coats for the best effect. Two coats looked kind of good, but the color got much more intense with three coats. I always have trouble applying strong holographic polishes because I’m blinded by the holo. But then you know that you are actually dealing with a strong holographic polish!

swatch of ILNP Bermuda breeze

I find that Bermuda Breeze is definitely worth buying. It is not in-your-face green, and quite easy to wear. I think even non green lovers will love this color. This color is perfect for Spring or Summer, and definitely reminds me of beaches and nice weather. It’s the perfection addition to my holographic nail polish stash!

You can buy Bermuda Breeze directly from ILNP, but I always order it at the dutch stockist, Hypnotic Polish.

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