Essie – Ciao Effect (Resort collection 2017)

bottle shot of Essie ciao effect

I’m not even done with reviewing the Essie Spring 2017 collection, but I already stumbled upon the new resort collection. The collection is inspired by Italy’s Amalfi coasts, which is Unesco heritage in the south West of Italy. Not all colors of the resort collection are super original, but I find that they work really well together. I decided to buy Ciao Effect and strike a pose-itano.

swatch of essie ciao effect

Ciao Effect is a dusty lilac creme. Essie has more lilac polishes in their permanent line, like Lilacism and Nice is nice. Those colors however are bright lilac cremes and have a very different effect than Ciao effect. It immediately reminded me of Essie Warm and toasty turtleneck, but upon inspection Warm and toasty turtleneck contains much more pink. Pink lilacs do not work that well with my skin tone, so I was happy to find that Ciao Effect wasn’t one of those. I think Ciao Effect will look great on many people! The formula was amazing. It is almost a one-coater; for perfect coverage I needed two coats. Be aware of the fact that it also dries a little bit darker than when the polish is wet.

swatch of essie ciao effect

I compared Ciao Effect to some lilac polishes I already own. From left to right you’re seeing Essence Tip Top Taupe, OPI Purple Palazzo Pants, Ciao Effect and Herome Milan. Tip Top Taupe is much less lilac and more grey, Purple Palazzo Pants is brighter and pinker and Herome Milan is darker and pinker. From all these polishes, Tip Top Taupe and the Essie are definitely my favorite.

Comparison of essie ciao effect to other shades; Essence Tip Top Taupe, OPI Purple Palazzo Pants and Herome Milan

Essie ciao effect is a little bit hard to obtain nowadays. I bought mine from German Amazon (affiliate link). If you are looking for a purple Essie polish that is easier to get I would definitely recommend Essie suits you swell from the sunny business 2020 collection.

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