Review of Essie On the roadie (Spring 2017)

bottle and brush of Essie on the roadie

When Essie released a green shade, Essie on the roadie, in their most recent Spring collection, I immediately knew I had to have it. It is from the same collection as Essie Excuse me sur and B’aha moment. The name Essie On the roadie made me giggle already, but let’s read further about this color.

swatch of essie on the roadie from the spring 2017 collection

Essie On the roadie is a medium green creme. I have to admit that I have a difficult relationship with medium green polishes, there was actually a time when I didn’t like them at all. But this one is just too pretty! It doesn’t contain as much yellow as some other green polishes, so I immediately fell in love. I feel that this shade is definitely the most unique in the entire Essie Spring 2017 collection, and very on trend at the moment.

swatch of essie on the roadie from the spring 2017 collection

The formula was really easy to work with, a little bit on the thick side like most recently released Essies. It was almost opaque in one coat, but I had to cover up some bald spots using a second coat. I think that when you’re in a hurry and applying one coat a little bit thicker, you can definitely get away with it. The shine of this polish is also incredible, very close to a gel polish!

Comparison of Essie On the roadie and Kiko 391 Grass Green

I only have one other medium green polish in my stash, and that’s Kiko 391 Grass Green. I expected that On the roadie and Grass Green would be very similar, but when I compared them I noticed they were quite different. Grass Green contains much more yellow than Essie On the roadie. I like both polishes, but I feel like the color of On the roadie is a little bit easier to wear. Of course, that’s personal but I think most people will agree with me.

I’m very happy to have added On the roadie to my nail polish collection. Here in the Netherlands it was quite hard to find previously released green Essies, because they are all discontinued. Most importantly On the roadie is very easy to wear for a green polish, and has an amazing formula. I’m definitely hoping Essie will release more unusual colors.

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