Essie – Blossom Dandy (Spring 2015)

bottle of essie blossom dandy released in spring 2015

I can’t believe that Essie released Blossom Dandy two years ago already. The Spring 2015 is still one of my favorite Essie collections ever. When I found Blossom Dandy in a discount store last year I knew I needed to have it. I only have two other polishes from this collection, Perennial Chic and Garden Variety, but I’m hoping that I can add at least Flowerista to my collection! Blossom Dandy is still fairly easy to find. Here in the Netherlands it’s not in the permanent collection, but some online stores still carry it.

swatch of Essie blossom dandy from the spring 2015 collection

Blossom Dandy is a vibrant mint colored polish. It leans actually quite blue and is quite bright for a mint color. When I compare it to other mint shades in my collection, it is definitely bluer and lighter than most. It needed three coats for full coverage. It was a joy to apply so three coats were definitely not a problem. I have to admit, the color is not super unique. Other brands have been releasing these type of colors ever since Essie released Mint Candy Apple. However, I still feel like Essie is doing mint polishes amazingly.

swatch of essie blossom dandy

Of course, I was interested how it compared to my other Essie mint shades, because I have quite a few. Above you are seeing Mint Candy Apple in the mini bottle and Blossom Dandy in the regular bottle. It is very hard to tell the two apart, but when I applied them on the nail, I felt that Blossom Dandy was a little bit brighter and less green than Mint Candy Apple. Note that there are a billion different versions of Mint Candy Apple. This is the European version but I have no idea how that one compares to other versions of Mint Candy Apple. I also own Passport to Happiness (not in the picture), but that one has a pearly shimmer. You can find a review of Mint Candy apple over here.

Bottle comparison of Blossom Dandy and Mint Candy Apple

Maybe Blossom Dandy isn’t the most unique polish anymore, I still feel like every one should own a polish like this. Somewhere during spring/early summer I’m always gravitating towards these type of shades. Blossom Dandy is definitely a good choice.  I know most pinterest users feel the same way, because this is one of my most viewed shades on pinterest! You can still find it over here on Amazon (affiliate link).

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