And a happy new year: H&M Encore

Swatch of H&M Encore

It is the end of the year, the end of a decade! I have a couple of days off, because the university is closed this time of year. A good excuse to stay at home and prepare for New Years Eve. Of course, the preparation includes a lot of champagne, but also polish! My pick for this year is a gold holographic glitter which is affordable and easily available; H&M Encore.

Bottle of H&M Encore and a picture of the brush

H&M Encore is a gold holographic glitter in a clear base. In the pictures I’m wearing three coats. The polish does not cover completely yet, but I don’t mind because it is so shiny it is hard to see. The polish is quite unique for a regular nail polish. This type of shimmer is usually only done by indie brands. So I was very happy to find it at H&M. I think it will definitely complete your outfit for NYE this year.

The polish was easy to apply with the brush, but if you like a more densed look, it is better to apply the polish using a make up sponge. Check here for a tutorial. The polish is also very nice to use as a topcoat, because it is not too dense. I’m definitely going to try that next year. Beautyaddictedd has some nice examples on instagram; here and here. The polish reminded me a bit of the Essence Holo rainbow collection (swatches over here). Although in H&M Encore the glitter has the color and the polish itself is clear. Topcoat will definitely bring out the sparkle in this polish, so I definitely recommend. Be careful when applying the polish; it is very difficult to remove the glitter from the cuticle.

H&M Encore swatch

This was my first experience with the “new” H&M polish (it has already been around for a couple of years I believe). And I really enjoyed. The polish is really affordable; 5 euros per bottle and H&M’s own line is quite complete. It contains a lot of colors and H&M even got their own ridge filling basecoat and gel topcoat. Manigeek shows a selection of the colors over here. This particular nail polish is also available in pink and in silver. I could not find Encore itself anymore, although the pink and silver version were still widely available.

That’s it! I wish you all a happy new year and I’m looking forward to seeing your NYE mani!

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