Essie – A touch of sugar (Spring 2019)

Hello Everyone! I am a little bit late with this review. It is almost a year ago that I bought 4 out of 6 polishes from Essie’s Spring 2019 collection. I’ve already shown you Pinkies out. However, the others ended up in a drawer after I tried them quickly. After that, I didn’t have much time to wear them again, or I had other polishes that I wanted to try.

When in October I was looking for a nice neutral color, I suddenly came across it again. Wow! Why did I neglect it all this time? However, in October I again did not have time to make any pictures for you. Up until now! I was very tired of all the dark Christmas colors and glitter-y New Years Eve polishes. I wanted something neutral, yet special. And I again came across a touch of sugar.

This time I did have time to capture this wonderful polish. There are a couple of things that make this polish special. First of all, the color combined with the glitter. The color is very neutral with a pink undertone, making it very easy to wear. Because of the gold glitter it stands out from other neutrals that Essie already has in their collection. The polish is not completely opaque, you can wear it with one or two coats; you end up with a sheer my nails but better color then. However, I am wearing three coats in all pictures.

I cannot describe how much I have fallen in love with this color. I just love everything about it. I find it a shame that this polish is only a limited edition. I think it would definitely be a nice addition to Essie’s permanent collection. Time will tell whether Essie will keep this polish or not! I compared it to Essie Oh Behave! and Essie not just a pretty face. In real life the polish looks quite similar, however here in the pictures you can clearly see the difference. Essie a touch of sugar is definitely my favourite. For more comparisons of Not just a pretty face you can click here.

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