Swatch of ILNP – Storytelling (Summer 2016 collection)

swatch of ILNP story telling

In my July shoplog I have shown you that I’ve bought the beautiful ILNP – Storytelling. I’ve have already shown ILNP – That other girl and I’ve worn Interstellar. But it took me this long to wear Storytelling. I’ve looked at the bottle a million times and I just didn’t want to wear it and save it for a special day!

swatch of ilnp storytelling

Storytelling is a purple jelly with gold and pink shimmer and scattered holographic particles. The holo in this polish is different from all the other ILNP polishes that I own. It is sparser and not linear. I’ve looked at pictures of it on instagram, and it always looked so magical! However, when I wore it myself I was a little bit disappointed. It looked like a purple polish with some scattered holographic particles. Very nice, but not what I expected at all!

swatch of ILNP storytelling

When I stepped into my office however, it looked so nice and sparkly! The light there, just brings out all the shimmer in this polish! Truly magical. The only downside that it doesn’t look as impressive when I’m not in the office. I’m wearing 3 coats of on these pictures. It wasn’t completely opaque and sometimes I saw some lighter patches. But it didn’t bother me that much. For that reason, I think that this polish also looks great over a black nail polish or maybe even a white. I still have to try that myself though!

swatch of ilnp storytelling

In the end, I have a little bit mixed feelings about this polish. It’s not that I do not like it or do not find it beautiful. It’s just that I had different expectations of this polish. I don’t know if it’s fair to judge a polish like that, but I don’t care 😉 I would definitely recommend this polish though, if you are looking for a purple polish with golden shimmer and scattered holo! The polish is available at ILNP’s own website, but I bought it at Hypnotic Polish.

Does it ever happen to you that a polish is different than you expected?

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