Essence – Love me like you do (The gel nail polish)

swatch of love me like you do

I told you I bought a lot of Essence nail polishes, right? Love me like you do is actually not one of them. I bought this one back in March, but then summer came and I never looked at it again. Well, that just happens sometimes and I enjoyed the “summer”colors. But I’m glad that I bought Love me like you do, because as soon as the weather became colder,¬†this polish just grabbed my attention again.

swatch of essence love me like you do

Love me like you do is hard to describe. It is a brown, purple, pink nude? I have no idea what to call it! To me it is a nude color with a fall twist and I’m feeling incredibly happy when I look at my nails. It is one of those nude colors that makes you feel stylish, but not boring it all. Usually I’m not the biggest nude fan, but this one is just different! The color reminds me of OPI’s fall collection, which is an incredible complement for a brand that is 7 times as cheap.

swatch of essence love me like you do

Love me like you do covered in two coat. If you apply it a little bit thick, it is probably a one coater. However, at some angles I could see that it bubbled a little bit. It is more prominent in the pictures then it actually is in real life. So I do not really care about it. I ordered a new bottle of topcoat, so hopefully my problem will be solved then!

swatch of essence love me like you do

Essence has done it again! An amazing polish for a little price. I don’t know if this polish is sold in all stores that sell Essence. I found it in a store with the big isle, so it is possibly only sold there. But trust me, it is worth to drive a little bit further for this polish!

EDIT NOV 2016: In this post, I’m comparing Love me like you do to Essie – Island Hopping and Catrice Bed of flowers.

Edit May 2020: This is the old packaging of love me like you do. Essence changed the name and packaging of all their colors, but this one is still available!

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