Review and swatches of Hema – 826 (discontinued)

bottle of hema 826

Maybe you have never heard of a nail polish brand called “Hema”. That could well be possible, since it is a dutch company that makes all kind of stuff. In the Netherlands it can be found almost anywhere. It has also some stores in other countries, but not that many. If you ever find one, definitely check out the nail polish section because it is a must! Today’s nail polish is sadly discontinued last month, but I’ve heard that some people have found it in the discount section.

swatch of hema 826 in direct light

The nail polish I’m talking about is Hema – 826. Only a number, a little bit boring if you ask me. But that’s why they discontinued this line, because the newer lines all have names. Hema – 826 is a holographic pink nail polish. The polish has kind of a scattered holographic effect. It is not very strong like some indie polishes, but it is enough to make me smile 🙂 It really gives a nice touch to this polish.

swatch of hema 826 in indirect light

The application was perfect. Hema – 826 was opaque in two coats. I didn’t really like the brush, since it is just the most standard brush that I’ve ever seen. But apparently they’ve also changed their brush in the new line! The only thing that I did not like about this polish is that it chipped after only one day. Normal Essie polish easily stays on my nails for more than a week, so one day is pretty bad. This is my problem with Hema polish and the main reason that I do not own that many. However, they also claim to have improved their formula, so maybe the new line might be worth a shot!

swatch of hema 826 in indirect light

All in all, I’m a little bit sad that they discontinued this polish. I really hoped that there would be more holographic polishes in their new collection but so far I didn’t spot any.

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