Nail art with Essie Winter 2016 collection

bottle shot of Essie - Getting Groovy and Satin Sister

It’s finally time for some nail art again! I’ve already shown Essie – Satin Sister, which was included in the Essie – Winter 2016 mini set. One of the other polishes that is included in the mini set is Essie – Getting Groovy. Getting Groovy is a gold metallic polish, with a little bit of extra shimmer. When I saw Satin Sister and Getting Groovy together I knew what needed to be done. It was finally time for some nail art.

christmas nail art with essie getting groovy and satin sister

I still had some french tip strips lying around, that I bought from Ebay. I decided to use them, but not for the traditional french manicure. For some time now, I’ve been wanting to do a half-moon manicure. It is kind of like a french manicure, but the tip is way longer. That’s why some people call it a reversed French manicure.

essie christmas nailart with Essie winter 2016 mini set

For my base I used Essie – Satin Sister. I let it dry completely and then added the french manicure vinyls on the lower part of the nail. I used Getting Groovy to paint this part of the nail. After about 5 minutes, I sealed it all with a fast drying topcoat. Pretty easy right?

nail art with essie winter 2016 mini set

I’m pretty proud of how this combination turned out. It definitely has a Christmas feeling to it. Which is OK for me, since it is already November! I haven’t worn the gold shade yet on it’s own, but it is perfect for nail art. It is very opaque and it will give instant holiday fun to any manicure! I’m already making different color combinations with Getting Groovy in my head.

Do you need to buy the Essie mini set? Of course, this would depend on what you already have. But I especially like the Getting Groovy and Satin Sister. This mini set is definitely making me happy!

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