Review of Essence – Olive you (the gel nail polish)

picture of the bottle of essence olive you

Oh Essence, my favorite budget brand! Each time that I see an Essence nail polish, I’m wondering why I don’t wear them more often. This time, I chose to wear Olive you. Essence introduced Olive you around September in their permanent collection, but unfortunately they are already cancelling it this February! Well, I can understand it a little bit, because this is really a Fall color.

swatch of essence olive you, which is an army green Essence polish

Olive you is an army green creme polish. It is one of those ugly pretty colors, that really looks amazing once it is on your nails. It doesn’t contain any shimmer or sparkle, but it doesn’t need that. I like that this color is neutral, yet unusual at the same time. I really like these type of colors, especially during Fall/Winter. Compared to another Essence polish I reviewed, Rock my world!, Olive you is way more green and Rock my world! is more grey.

swatch of essence olive you

The formula was also pretty easy. I find that most Essence polishes from the Gel nail polish range have a thicker formula. It wasn’t really a problem for me, but for some people it might be. The polish covered easily in two coats. What I really like about this polish is how much it shines! Of course I’m wearing a topcoat in these pictures, but still the shine of this polish was noticeable! I believe that Essence also claims that the gel polish range has a longer wear time than their old collection. The old formula always stayed 2-3 days on my nails and the gel nail polish definitely lasts longer. Although definitely not as long as true gel nails.

bottle shot of essence olive you

I’m a little bit sad that this polish is being discontinued. I really like these type of unusual ugly pretty colors. But let’s look on the bright side; maybe you can buy it with a discount! I can definitely recommend this polish, since it really is a wonderful polish for less than 2 euro! Essence can be bought in a lot of drugstores ( at least in the Netherlands), but I believe this one is only available in drugstores with the 2- or 3-meter isle.

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