Cirque Colors – Paraiba (Fall 2016 Facets collection)

bottle shot of the aqua blue cirque colors Paraiba

Cirque colors is an indie brand that I have admired ever since I started reading blogs about nail polish. I always found their colors super impressive and I have had them in my digital basket for a number of times. However, I never really came to the point of buying them. Until a few weeks ago! I already had my eye on their Fall collection for a couple of months. When I had the chance to order one with a little discount, I had to buy it. I would have bought them all, but after all, I choose to buy Paraiba. The color is really something that I would typically wear in summer on a hot day. But in the mid of January, I also always gravitate to bright color. Just to brighten my day I guess!

swatch of Cirque Colors Paraiba

Paraiba is an aqua blue jelly filled with holographic flakes. I’m not really sure if the polish contains only holographic flakes or if their are more “normal” silver flakes added to it. The finish really reminds me of the Picture Polish scattered holographic finish, like in Remember. But the biggest difference is that Paraiba contains way more flakes than Remember. It also reminds me a little bit of the ILNP Ultra Metallic finish, like in The Harpist, but compared to that one, Paraiba contains more base and less metallic flakes.

The formula was very nice, I used three coats to make it completely opaque. I think some people might be happy with two coats, but I still saw my nail line. I also think that this polish becomes prettier with three coats, since at two, the flakes are a little bit sparse. Unfortunately, this polish didn’t really last a long time on my nails. Even though I used a topcoat, some of the flakes started to let go and left holes in my polish. But I have to admit, it was a pretty rough week for my nails, so it is probably not even the polish.

All in all, my first experience with Cirque Colors is very positive! I’m already checking out new colors to try. I especially love the Facets collection (the collection Paraiba belongs to) and their new Winter collection. You can buy Cirque nail polish from their own website directly. I’ve bought mine however, at Pretty Polish, which is their dutch stockist.

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