Essie – Ready to boa (Winter 2016 collection)

picture of the bottle of essie ready to boa

I’ve already shown you three other polishes from the Essie Winter collection, Getting Groovy, Satin Sister and Party on a platform. However, I did not get my hands on the one that I really wanted, Ready to Boa. But of course, a nice sale came along and I took Ready to Boa with me. If you’ve wanted a nail polish for a while, the question always is, will it meet my expectations?

swatch of essie ready to boa

Ready to Boa is a brown polish with brown shimmer. The color reminds me exactly of chestnuts, it is the exact same color and it also kind of has the same shimmer. I expected that the shimmer in this polish would lean a little bit red. This wasn’t really the case for me, only if the sun hit my nails from a specific angle. Mostly, this polish is just brown with brown shimmer. It still is really pretty though. For me, it has a sort of retro vibe, because not that long ago, every polish had shimmer like this one.

swatch of essie ready to boa

The formula was really good. It almost covered in one coat. I still had some bald spots and the color wasn’t as deep as it could be, so I’m wearing two coats in these pictures. I noticed that this polish dried with a kind of satin finish. The shimmer “sunk” away into the polish. Because of this, I’m also wearing topcoat. It is really necessary with this polish, because it makes it so much more vibrant. I could see a few brush strokes, but this is almost impossible to avoid with these kind of shimmer. It wasn’t too noticeable and it didn’t bother me.

swatch of essie ready to boa

Did this polish meet my expectations? Yes definitely. The formula is perfection and shimmer is really nice! I only expected that it would be kind of duochrome red, based on the pictures I had seen. However, I also really like the polish this way, so it doesn’t disappoint! Definitely recommending this Essie to everyone 🙂 If you’re looking for a lighter version of this, I would definitely check out Teacup half full from Essie’s spring 2019 collection over here.

Ready to Boa is still available over here on Amazon (affiliate link).

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