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I’ve reviewed several nail polish brands over the last couple of years. Catrice Cosmetics Catrice Cosmetics is a European brand and is the slightly more expensive sister brand of Essence Cosmetics. You can find Catrice Cosmetics in drugstores in most European countries, but it can be a bit trickier to find in North America. Catrice […]

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Review of Seche Vite (Topcoat)

I’m probably the last person in the (nail polish) world to try Seche Vite. This must truly be the most popular fast drying top coat on the internet. I never bought it because I was happy with my other topcoats and it is quite hard to get (and expensive) over here. However I suddenly saw

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Random Holo Taco swatches, part 1

You might have noticed that it’s a bit more quiet here in terms of swatches. Where I used to post swatches quite often separately, I have decided that it might be nicer to group them in one post. Consequently, it’s a little quieter here, but don’t worry, I’m still working on swatches behind the scenes!

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