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I am a bit late to the looking back on 2019 party. But it is still January, so I think it is kind of OK. If you have a blog yourself, you might know that you can look into your own statistics. Often, I have seen funny insides because of this. I made this post to celebrate the end of the year by showing an overview of the top 5 most read posts on my blog of 2019. Sometimes it is actually quite surprising!

5. Essie – Island Hopping (Permanent Collection)

On the one hand I am a bit surprised to see this polish in my top 5, on the other hand I am not. This is an older post from 2016, but Island Hopping is in the permanent collection and should therefore still be widely available. It is a very famous color and I was so excited to try it out myself. I would describe it as a muted purple or mauve. Back then I did not have that many Essie polishes, and I didn’t really know what I liked. I have to admit that I did not wear it anymore after that review because I found it a little bit too purple. I like Angora Cardi better, because it is a bit more red. However now that I look back at the pictures of Island Hopping. I should definitely wear it more often. I think Essie Envy did a great comparison of Angora Cardi and Island Hopping. It is over here.

4. Essie – Semi Precious Tones (Gorgeous Geodes)

So I am not surprised at all that a holographic polish from Essie’s Gorgeous Geodes collection is in this list. When I heard about this collection I immediately needed to go to the store. I ended picking up three out of 6 polishes, but I am still in doubt whether I made the right choice about the colors. Semi Precious tones is the one with the golden/sandy colors. It is definitely pretty. I am quite surprised that this one gets all the attention, because it is one of the more neutral shades out of the collection. The collection was limited edition, but I still see it sometimes, so you might be able to pick it up.

3. Essie – Not just a pretty face (Permanent Collection)

Essie Not just a pretty face is a sheer polish from Essie’s permanent collection. It is a little bit less sheer than most Essie neutrals and applies without streaks. I remember that I was more positive about this color than I had expected to be. It is pink but it has a touch of peach in it, which makes it a very wearable color. I am surprised that this post gets so much reads, because I thought that Not Just a Pretty Face was kind of a forgotten Essie color that has been around for ages. If you a fan of shades like Sugar Daddy and Madamoiselle, but you find those a bit to sheer and white, than you definitely have to try out Not Just a Pretty Face. You have to be careful though. This shade is known to change color sometimes, because the pigment is unstable or Essie changes its formulation, I’m not sure.

2. Essence Water Based Topcoat and Pigments

OK so this is the only post that is not about Essie nail polish. I am super surprised that this post is getting so much attention still! In 2017 Essence released a limited collection called Blossom Dreams. It contains nail pigments and a water based topcoat. In order to apply nail pigments such as holographic powder or duochrome powder you usually need gel polish. However, Essence came up with a solution for this problem and used water based topcoat. Water based does not mean that is washes away when you wash your hands, but it means that the main ingredient is water. Some people believe that this might be the future of nail polish. I am very happy that I was able to get my hands on this topcoat, because it is quite unique and normally more expensive. I have no clue why this post still gets all the reads, because as far as I know, this collection has been sold out for over two years already!

1.Comparison of Essie Fiji to budget alternatives

Ahh… I remember this post. When I just started my blog I had a lists of blog posts I wanted to make and a comparison of all the Fiji dupes was on that list. I think around 2014/2015 I became hooked on nail polish and I spend ages trying to find a Essie alternative because it was not available in the Netherlands. Then one day, it was just there. Quite funny right? Now that I look at this post I kind of had to laugh. I have much more similar colors in my collection now but they are usually just as expensive as Fiji. The polishes that I show in this post are not that easy to get anymore. Most of them are discontinued or were already limited edition shades. Maybe I should write a new post called Essie Fiji – widely available alternatives. Oh well.. I think this is just the way things go.

I am not surprised so many Essie posts are in my Top 5. It is the brand I write about the most and a lot of people are interested in it. It is quite surprising to me sometimes which Essie polishes are the most popular.

It of course makes sense that a lot of blogposts that I have written in 2019 are not on this list, simply because people had less time to read it. Maybe next year I will see which nail polishes from 2019 will be keepers 😉

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