Nail Polish Highlights of 2019

OK so it is always nice to look back at the end of the year and see what has happened. A lot of not interesting things happened in 2019 and nail polish things that were “mehh”, but also some things happened that you cannot skip. Below you can find my personal highlights of 2019!

Essie Gorgeous Geodes

So if there is one collection that you have to check out, it is the Gorgeous Geodes collection. It is an Essie collection consisting of 6 holographic polishes. I ended up buying Semi Precious Tones, Gorgeous Geodes and Stop Look and Glisten. I don’t think you need all of them, because they are very similar, but you definitely have to check them out.

Essie Spring 2019

I feel like Essie was doing great this year. I remember when I first saw the Spring collection and I was amazed. I need it all. I remembered to limit myself and I bought 4 out of 6. I haven’t even posted about all of them yet, but I did wear all of them already (I’m sorry… I sometimes didn’t have time to make pictures and to make a post). The ones I do have on the website are Pinkies out and A touch of Sugar. And trust me, also tiers of joy is definitely worth it. Personally, in hindsight I would skip the others. You can checkout the complete collection at Vampy Varnish her blogpost : here.

Essie Holiday 2019

OK this collection came out at the end of the year. I only picked up Tied and Blue, but I did not have time yet to make pictures and make a blogpost. Still I would like to mention this collection over here. It is so different from what I have seen from other Essie collections, if you like a bit of sparkle the holiday collection is for you. There were a lot of people faster than me. You can checkout a nice overview over here.

OPI Tokyo Spring 2019

I am not going to lie, I am a bit biased because I am a huge Japan and Tokyo fan. So I was thrilled when I heard about this collection. However I found it quite difficult to choose colors that I actually wanted from this collection. Together the collection looks great and it definitely reminds me of Tokyo. However, I had a hard time imagining which colors I would actually love to wear. I only picked up Suzi San Climbed Fuji San, because it is a gorgeous shade and the name made me giggle. However, there are much more colors in this collection that are just gorgeous. For me… I don’t think I will buy more of them, unless I find them somewhere with a discount. To check out better swatches I would like to refer you to Vampy Varnish again: here.

OPI Hello Kitty Holiday 2019

OPI’s Holiday collection are always great. This year they teamed up with Hello Kitty. I did not buy any of the polishes. But I admired them here on the internet a lot. So pretty!!! Check them out over here. The bows on the cap, the glitter in the polish. This collection is just too cute!

Of course other things happened in 2019. I believe Essence refreshed their nail polish line, OPI and Essie came out with a lot more collections and I loved that I finally had the chance to checkout OPI’s Infinite Shine range (still using their infinite shine basecoat with every mani!). However, the above collections are for me the ones that were really special. And they were definitely worth my time!

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