My blog in 2020

As you might (or might not know) I started my blog when I was doing my master degree. During that time I was not that busy, and blogging about nail polish seemed like the perfect hobby. A lot has changed since then, I moved two times (had to leave the student house and I did not like my new appartment) and I started a PhD.

In 2020 I am in my third year of my PhD which is supposed to be the most busy one. So I am prepared for the worst. Of course, I always have to give priority to my work, because that is how I pay my bills and it is important for my future. So when I am away for a while or there are less posts on my blog this is probably the reason why.

I have no big plans for my blog. I just want to continue blogging about nail polish. I have a lot of polish laying around that I just want to show you. I also already saw some new collections that I probably want to pick up. So enough to blog about!

Now that my blog exists a little longer, I am beginning to see that some posts are starting to look outdated. So I’m also planning on updating some of my older posts or redoing them.

For other stuff than nail polish; Every now and then I think about putting  on some non nail polish stuff on here. Not personal stuff but just reviews of other products that I like or helpful tips. So far, I never really did this. Mainly because there is enough nail polish to blog about!

I have to admit; I have no clue how my future is going to look like and whether I need to travel a lot this year. My first trips of the year are already booked again, and I especially notice that when I am travelling I have little time to blog.

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