Catrice – Goddess of Bronze (Brown collection)

Exciting! I have another polish from the new Catrice Fall/Winter update. Last time I had one from the Chrome Infusion collection, but now I have one from the Brown collection. The Brown collection is also completely new line of nail polish, containing only brown nail polish. The collection consists of 3 metallic polishes, one shimmer and one creme polish. Today I’m showing one of the metallic polishes, called Goddess of Bronze. Although Catrice just released this polish, I already saw it at my instagram feed a couple of times, it definitely seems to be the most popular shade of the new Catrice update.

swatch of Catrice goddess of bronze from the brown collection

Goddess of Bronze is a metallic bronze (oh no way?) shade. I don’t think I have anything similar in my collection. When I saw it for the first time in the bottle, I was disappointed. It didn’t really “feel” this polish. But when I applied on my nail, I was immediately blown away. I’m not sure whether the color is a little bit better or whether the color looks well on my skin tone, but the color of this polish just works! I think I might like it even better than Unexpected Red, and I definitely thought that one would be my favorite.

swatch of Catrice goddess of bronze from the new Catrice update

The color is quite opaque, it mostly covered in one coat. However, the color became a lot darker when I applied a second coat (that’s what your seeing in the pics). So I would definitely prefer two coats, although I think you might be able to use this polish for stamping. The only downside of this polish is that it’s quite streaky.  I think I can live with that, because the color is just very pretty.

I’m very happy I bought this polish, I’m especially looking forward to wear this in fall. The Catrice website says that the collection should be available now, although in my experience it might take a while before every store has them. For my dutch followers: I couldn’t wait any longer and I just bought them from the Kruidvat website.

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