Catrice – Unexpected red (Chrome infusion)

I was super surprised to see the new Catrice autumn/winter collection in store already! In the nail polish section they have released the new chrome infusion collection and the brown collection. The polish I’m going to show you today belongs to the chrome infusion collection, and is called Unexpected Red. The bottles of the new collection look exactly the same as their normal polishes (at least, like their new regular polish), except that the cap is silver. It was the first time I tried their polish after their repackaging. I have to admit, I like the brush, but I don’t really like the cap. You can take off the cap and under that is a smaller round cap. But still, it is a little bit too short and small for me.

The chrome infusion collection consists of three metallic shades and two duochrome shades. The one I’m showing today, Unexpected Red, is one of the duochrome shades. This was the only one that really spoke to me and seemed truly unique. And man! Am I happy that I picked this one up! The polish shifts from bronze to red to purple. Under bright light you will mostly see the copper/bronze shades, under natural light you will mostly see the awesome purple shades.  I have nothing in my stash that is similar to this polish, and that is really special for a regular drugstore polish!

swatch of catrice unexpected red from the chrome infusion collection

As with most duochrome polishes, Unexpected Red needed three coats to be completely opaque. I guess you could also apply it over a black base, but I didn’t do that. The polish was a little bit on the streaky side, but this isn’t too noticeable in real life. Still, it always annoys me and I tend to love non-streaky duochrome polishes better.

I have to admit that I was a little bit in shock to already see the autumn/winter collection in stores. But, this polish makes me long for fallen leaves and autumn storms. Definitely can recommend this one that loves fallen leaves as much as I do!

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