Orly Spring 2022 Impressions Swatches

Apart from all the new Essie collections, I was also able to get my hands on the new Orly Spring 2022 Impressions collection. If you haven’t seen my original post about this collection over here, don’t worry, I will do a short recap here.

Impressions is Orly’s new spring 2022 collection. It consists of six new cremes that are inspired by the impressionist era:

  • Provence at dusk
  • Golden afternoon
  • Parcs & parasols
  • Bleu iris
  • Artist’s garden
  • Danse with me
The Orly spring 2022 collection called Impressions

Although I love the look of this entire collection, I only picked up three shades myself: Provence at dusk, Bleu iris, and Artist’s garden. I will share my thoughts with you today.

Orly Artist’s garden

Starting with the color that was the most unique in my opinion: Artist’s garden. In the bottle, I wasn’t convinced yet, but when I applied it to the nail, I knew: this color is pure love. Where has it been all my nail polishing life? I have no clue! It’s this unique dusty yellow-green polish. The best part is that it applied nicely in two coats.

Essie Da bush vs Essie Artist’s garden vs Essie cacti on the prize vs Essie can dew attitude

My biggest “worry” was that Essie Cacti on the prize or Essie Da bush would be too similar to Artist’s garden, but actually, both of them are not. Orly Artist’s garden contains just much more yellow. Essie can dew attitude is obviously too minty to come even close.

Orly Provence at dusk

Provence at dusk, another gorgeous shade. It is described by Orly as a lilac creme. It just reminds me just so much of lavender (the flower), which also happens to be the symbol of the Provence. I just now that I’m really going to enjoy this shade this spring and summer. It also again has a great formula, covering in two coats.

OPI Graffiti sweetie vs Orly Provence at dusk vs Essie Full steam ahead vs Essie Virgin snow

Of course, I also had to pull out my other lavender shades. I think the color that is closest is Essie’s Full steam ahead, which is discontinued and also contains glass fleck shimmer. Graffiti sweetie is a bit lighter than Provence at dusk and dustier. Virgin snow is lighter than Provence at dusk.

Orly Bleu Iris

Bleu iris is a cornflower blue according to Orly. I keep wanting to write “blue” iris, but on the bottle, it is actually written the french way: “bleu” iris (click here if you want to know how to pronounce “bleu” the correct way). Out of the three that I purchased, Bleu iris probably had the worst formula. It was still no problem to apply, but I had to use three coats for full opacity.

Orly Bleu Iris compared to Essie Pic-nic of time, Essie Sk8 with destiny and Essie Saltwater happy

I don’t see a big difference between the different shades on my screen, but I will tell you what I saw in real life. Out of all the shades above, Bleu iris contained the least purple, it is probably the bluest out of the four. That being said, all of these shades are super close. If you would keep Sk8 with destiny close to Bleu iris, you would probably see that they are different. But if you would keep Pic-nic of time or Saltwater happy close, I doubt whether anyone will see a difference.


I’m super happy that I was able to find these shades from the Orly impressions collection already. I’m still doubting about the yellow, Golden afternoon, but I really liked the ones that I picked. Especially Artist’s garden is super unique and also very wearable for a green, and is probably the color I’m the most enthusiastic about. Although Bleu iris and Provence at dusk are also great colors.

So far, this collection has been a bit difficult to find. I purchased the colors at Bransus. In the US, I’ve seen that most people get this collection with the Color pass, but I’m not sure whether it is available in stores already.

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