Swatch of Essie Expressie Sk8 with destiny (Spring 2022)

A while ago, I told you about Essie’s Sk8 with destiny collection for spring 2022. I was convinced that it would take a while before this collection showed up in Europe, but I was completely wrong and it’s here already. I didn’t pick up the entire Sk8 with destiny collection, I just picked up one shade: Sk8 with destiny itself.

So just a short recap in case you missed it, Sk8 with destiny is a new Expressie collection consisting of ten new shades in the US and six new shades in Europe (missing Just for kicks, Keepin it wheel and Curbside pick me up). The names are all skate-related, and the colors are young and fun. Originally, I was mostly interested in the shade “Just for kicks”, but it, unfortunately, didn’t come to Europe. I ended up only picking up the purple ‘Sk8 with destiny’, which I will be showing today.


Essie sk8 with destiny

Sk8 with destiny is definitely a shade that you need to see in real life. Lots of swatches show it either too purple or too blue. Essie calls it a bright lilac with blue undertones, I just call it a periwinkle, which happens to be the shade of the year for 2022. This is just such a good shade for spring!

Surprisingly, Sk8 with destiny only required two coats for full opacity, which really surprised me for such a light shade.


Essie Sk8 with destiny vs Essie Pic-nic of time vs Essie Saltwater happy vs Orly Bleu iris

You can see in the picture above that my camera is terrible at picking up these different shades, although I must admit that the shades were much closer than I originally thought. Sk8 with destiny is slightly darker, slightly more purple than Essie Pic-nic of time and Essie Saltwater happy, but under normal circumstances, no one will be able to see that these are not the same shades. Orly Bleu iris is also close, but in real life, it is clearly a bit less purple. I did like the formula of Sk8 with destiny a bit better than Bleu iris (Bleu iris required three coats for opacity, Sk8 with destiny only two). Do you need all these four shades? Definitely not!

Conclusion & Availability

I really love Sk8 with destiny. The shade is less unique than I expected, but I nevertheless really enjoy it and the good formula makes up for it.

So where is Sk8 with destiny available?

In the US, the entire Sk8 with destiny collection should be easy to find. I’ve seen two shades at Target and the entire collection is available on Amazon over here (affiliate link) and Ulta.

In Europe, I’ve spotted the collection at, Zizel, Boozyshop, And in Germany, it’s available at DM. I’m sure I’m still missing a couple of stores though!

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