Essie Vintage vanity (Summer 2023 Ulta exclusive)

Today, a new Ulta-exclusive Essie collection has been released called ‘Vintage Vanity’. I’m personally always a very big fan of these Ulta-exclusive collections, so I’m always very happy to spot a new one. This new collection is inspired by the glamorous dressing rooms of old hollywood starlets, so expect a lot of vampy reds.

As usual, the new collection consists of six new shades:

  • Pretty in pearls (Blush pink with neutral undertones)
  • Born to adorn (antique yellow gold with tone on tone pearl)
  • Not so naturale (sage green with blue undertones)
  • Primp & powder (a light lilac)
  • Unhidden gems ( a mauve plum with red undertones)
  • Vintage vanity (a dark red)

The collection is available here on Ulta’s website. The collection is going to be exclusively available at Ulta in the US. It’s not certain if this collection is going to be released in other parts of the world. However, if you’re located in Europe I’d recommend that you check out the (so far) European exclusive Essie Midsummer 2023 collection.

2 thoughts on “Essie Vintage vanity (Summer 2023 Ulta exclusive)”

  1. I was at Ulta yesterday and all the colors are still available.

    I really like this collection. I like it more than the Mystical Mist collection, which I’ve also seen in person.

    I totally missed these back in summer. I actually think these colors are more appropriate for late summer and fall.

    Did Europe get this collection? What about Mystical Mist?

    1. Oh wow that’s good to know! I also immediately thought of a fall collection when they were first released.
      We still never got this collection and the Mystical Mist collection in Europe. Maybe they will be released one day like the Beleaf in yearself collection. It’s too bad, because I always think these US-exclusive collection look so nice!

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