Essie Expressie FX Filters 2023

Do you remember Essie’s Expressie FX Filters topcoats from last year? Well, Essie has a surprise for us! They are releasing three more shades this year! This new extension is going to consist of three new special effect topcoats!

The three new topcoats are going to be called:

  • Immaterial frost (chrome glitter that shifts from blue to warm purple to gold with a pearl finish)
  • Ethereal glow (Red glow with chrome glitter that shifts color with a gold pearl finish)
  • Faux real (sheer pink with prismatic chrome pearls)

As a part of this collection, Essie also releases three new Expressie cremes:

  • Literal legend (a coral creme, available in Europe and Australia)
  • Life in 4D (a light blue creme, available in Europe and Australia)
  • Astral expression (a brown creme, so far only available in Australia)

Unfortunately, it seems like the creme shades are not going to be released in the US at the moment, although Essie did not confirm this officially yet. In these pictures, the filters do look very promising, and I’m curious how they will end up looking on the nail!

You can find the FX filters currently on Amazon US out over here (affiliate link).

Disclaimer: as an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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