Modelones Color cube Champagne on Ice

{PR} Modelones sent me their new Color Cube to try out and I was curious to see if it lived up to the hype. You might have seen this product on Instagram: it’s a palette with different colors of (UV) gel nail polish. The polish is thicker and more solid than regular gel polish, so it doesn’t run or drip. This makes it perfect for nail art, but also super easy to do a flawless gel manicure. I received the new color ‘Champagne on Ice’, which has nine new shades of neutral cremes and shimmers.

The palette comes with a brush and a set of simple instructions. You use it just like regular UV gel polish: apply a base coat (I used my Sensationail one), cure it, add the layers of solid gel with a brush and cure them, and finish with a gel topcoat (I used my Sensationail one again).

You can remove it like regular gel nail polish: buff the shiny layer and soak your nails in acetone for 5-10 minutes.

The only thing to watch out for is that you need to clean the brush when switching colors. Also, you have to avoid exposing the palette to direct sunlight (because it will harden). I used alcohol to clean the brush between colors, but you can also get a special brush cleaner from Modelones if you don’t have alcohol handy.

I swatched all the colors in this palette and noticed that the shimmers look quite different on the nail than in the palette. The most surprising one was the top right color, which had a very strong blue shimmer on the nail. The middle color looked very promising in the palette, but it was much lighter on the nail (still very pretty though).

The two lighter pink colors in the palette were a bit trickier to apply, and they didn’t cover the nail fully in two coats. I think I still need to get the hang of those two!

I finally again tried my hand at creating a line nail art. I’ve tried it multiple times with regular nail polish and it always looked terrible. However, this time, I managed to actually do it! It’s very convenient to create this mani: you first cure the first full color coat, than with a smaller brush you can draw the lines. As long as you haven’t cured the lines yet, you can wipe it away and start over!

All Modelones’ products are available on their own over here. Although I used my own base, top coat and lamp with this product, they also sell very handy starter kits including lamps on their website! The other solid gel palettes that they sell are also super pretty, and definitely worth checking out. Probably good to mention: they ship (most products) worldwide!

Before I close this post, I do want to say that this product contains HEMA. If you’re allergic to HEMA, I would advice you not to use it. If you’re not allergic: always use gel polish with HEMA as instructed. It’s super important to cure the polish long enough and to not let the product touch the skin around the cuticle. An allergy usually builds up over time, so if you continuously use a product with HEMA the wrong way, you might develop an allergy at some point.

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