OPI Fall 2023 (‘Big zodiac energy’ )

A sneak peek of the new OPI Fall 2023 collection has been released! This year, the fall collection is going to be called Big zodiac energy. All 12 shades will be inspired by zodiac signs for this collection! No official information is released yet, but there is a lot of unofficial information!

The 12 new shades are going to be called:

  • scorpio seduction
  • feelin capricorn-y
  • taurus-t me
  • #virgoals
  • pisces the future
  • cancer-tainly shine
  • feelin libra-ted
  • aquarius renegade
  • gemini and I
  • the leo-nly one
  • big saggitarius energy
  • Kiss my aries
OPI Fall 2023 Big Zodiac Energy

Although nothing is confirmed yet, this collection will likely drop on August 1st. You can preorder the collection over here on Amazon US (affiliate link). Alternatively, you can already buy the collection over here on Beyond Polish (affiliate link), the polishes are cheaper there, and the packaging is usually more secure. If you use my code NOAENAILS, you will get 5% discount at Beyond Polish.

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