Essie summer 2021 collection (Tangerine tease + Have a ball)

Picture with the colors of the Essie 2020 summer collection

Seriously guys I am so excited! Two new Essie summer 2021 collections are spotted, called Tangerine Tease and Have a ball. The tangerine tease is the new Summer 2021 collection, while the Have a ball collection is the new summer neons collection. These two new collections are not the only collections Essie is releasing this summer. If you are looking for the Midsummer 2021 collection and the Ferris of them all collection check out this post.

The Tangerine tease collection

The new tangerine tease collection for summer 2021 consists of the following colors: Tangerine tease, Pucker up, Feelin’ just lime, Get your grove on, Juicy details and Zest has yet to come.

I believe the Tangerine Tease is “the” Summer 2021 collection of Essie. I first spotted it on Amazon, but I believe it should be available anywhere else at the moment.

This is what Essie has to say about them:
essie Limited Edition summer 2021 collection- 6 saturated Punchy bright nail polish shades to capture a craving for color and summertime cheer. Your summertime Fling is in full swing, so Pucker Up and dare to get your grove on! You’ve Found a lemon-fellow whose basket half-full attitude has you feelin’ Just lime. Be the tangerine tease and lead him on to the terracotta terrace. With vibrant views of citrus hues – you know the zest has yet to come! Ciao for now – we’ll be waiting for all the Juicy details later… [sic]

The collection consists of 6 shades: Pucker up (an Electric pink with pearl finish), Feelin’ just lime (lime green with a cream finish), tangerine tease (tangerine orange with a cream finish), get your grove on (metallic gold/warm bronze), Juicy details (bright blue with a cream finish), Zest Has yet To Come (dirty gold with a pearl finish).

Swatches of the Essie Tangerine Tease collection for summer 2021

As you can see, I picked up all shades from the tangerine tease collection. For my full review, swatches, and comparisons, you can check out this post.

I picked these shades up from Boozyshop (affiliate link), which ships to a lot of countries in Europe. If you are living in the US, you can pick them up from Amazon over here (affiliate link), or Beyond Polish over here (affiliate link). However, I think in most countries this collection should be available in almost any store right now.

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Update: But wait, there is more!

You read that right, Essie wouldn’t be Essie if they only released one Summer 2021 collection. Of course, there is also going to be a Neon collection.

All shades from the have a ball collection: Love-all game, have a ball, Serving looks, Make a racquet, Double trouble and perfect match-point

This new neon collection has been spotted on the Superdrug website (UK), but also at Walgreens (US). On the European mainland, I have seen it at DM, and it is available at Zalando (swatches will be coming soon!). I have also seen the collection at Beyond Polish Canada, but only for of the shades are from this collection, the others are from previous collections.

This is what Essie has to say about them:

“Introducing essie’s limited edition Have a Ball collection. Inspired by the excitement of a summertime grand slam. Available in six competitively alluring colours with a semi-matte finish.”

The shades are going to be: Double trouble (neon green), Perfect match-point (neon pink), Have a ball (neon yellow), Serving looks (neon purple), Love all-game (neon coral), Make a racquet (white).

Definitely also an interesting collection! However, Essie neons sometimes have a problematic formula, so I am very curious to see what these turn out to be like!

Update: As we speak, even more Essie summer 2021 collections are being released. To find out more about the new Ferris of them all and Midsummer 2021 collection, be sure to also read this post.

8 thoughts on “Essie summer 2021 collection (Tangerine tease + Have a ball)”

  1. Woohooo … another two collections, and we did not have the “keep you posted” collection yet! It is such a pity – we are so many Essie Fans in Europe, aren’t we? So, I am surprised about all these yellow-orange-mustard-colors. They are interesting, but I’d prefer pink and red shades. So the shimmer-pink of the summer collection could be my favourite 🙂 I am really looking forward to the first swatches and, of course, to the release in Europe! Thanks for sharing this sneak-preview! Britt

    1. Yes, I am also still waiting for the keep you posted collection! The shimmer pink also looks so good. But I also have a soft spot for the yellow-orange shades! I guess I need them all then 😉

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