OPI Summer 2021 (The Malibu collection) preview

It is that time of the year again, all nail polish brands decide to release their new summer collections! Last week, we had two new Essie summer collections. This week, it is time for OPI’s new summer 2021 collection inspired by Malibu! Since OPI exists 40 years in 2021, each collection they release this year is going to be inspired by Los Angeles, since that is the place they were founded. Of course, their summer collection is going to be inspired by Malibu, makes sense right? They already released the Hollywood collection for spring, and in the near future, the OPI Downtown LA collection will be released for fall.

Back to the Malibu collection: the collection can basically be split up into two parts: six neutral shades, and six colorful shades. The colors are called:

  • Marigolden hour (A yellow cream with warm undertones)
  • Endless Sun-ner (medium brown cream)
  • The sound of Vibrance (A purple with blue shimmer)
  • El mat-adoring you (A lighter brown cream)
  • Pear-adise cove (A dusty green cream with yellow undertones)
  • Mali-blue shore (A light, bright blue cream)
  • PCH love song (Orange with golden shimmer)
  • From dusk til dune (A sheer light pink with iridescent flakies)
  • Cliffside Karaoke (A darker brown cream)
  • Coastal Sand-tuary (An off-white cream)
  • Bonfire Serenade (lighter brown cream, cooler undertones than el mat-adoring you)
  • Strawberry waves forever (pink with brighter pink shimmer, this is a sequel of Strawberry Margarita)
The six neutral shades: Coastal Sand-tuary, Cliffside Karaoke, Bonfire Serenade, From Dusk til dune, El mat-adoring you, Endless Sun-ner
The six colorful shades: PCH love song, Mali-blue shore, The sound of vibrance, Marigolden hour, Strawberry waves forever! Pear-adise cove

What I like about the neutrals is that for each shade, there is a warm shade available, and a cooler shade. In this way, there is a neutral for pretty much every skin tone! I have never been to Malibu, but from the pictures I have seen, I think the colors fit Malibu very well! There is a lot of brown with green, and the blue is of course the sea and the sky! The remaining shades could form a beautiful sunset!

Of course, also a mini pack will be available, which will include the following colors:

  • El Mat-adoring you
  • Pear-adise Cove
  • Strawberry waves forever
  • The sound of vibrance

Swatches of the OPI Summer 2021 collection

Swatches of all the shades I picked up from the OPI Malibu collection for summer 2021: Marigolden hour, The sound of vibrance, PCH love song, Mali-blue shore, Strawberry waves forever, Pear-adise cove, From dusk til dune, and Coastal sand-tuary

I decided to pick up eight shades out of twelve. I’m happy to report that they are all great with great formulas! If you’re looking for a more in-depth review, you can check out the swatches of The sound of vibrance, Pear-adise cove, From dusk til dune and Mali-blue shore over here. The swatches of Coastal Sand-tuary, Strawberry waves forever, Marigolden hour, and PCH love song (the warm tones) you can find over here.


The Malibu collection should be available now in most countries. If you’re living in North America, you can already find it over here on Beyond Polish (affiliate link) or over here on Amazon (affiliate link).

Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links. Meaning that if you buy a product through one of these links, I might receive compensation at no additional cost to you. I marked all affiliate links clearly with the label “affiliate link”. As an Amazon affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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