Essie Flying Solo (Spring 2020) swatch and review

This is my first Essie 2020 polish! Essie Flying Solo was the only one I was able to get my hands on from the Flying Solo collection (spring 2020). It seems like Essie did not release the Flying solo collection officially in the Netherlands and I also saw somewhere that this is actually the Resort 2020 collection. There are a few more colors that I really like from the Fying solo collection (like you do blue and one way for one, affiliate links), but I am really happy that I could get my hands on this one at least.

Essie describes the color flying solo simply as a “mid-tone pink creme”, I couldn’t agree more. The application was very nice, and it covered nicely in two coats. The shine surprised me. Usually I do not buy medium pinks, but I’m really glad I did because Flying solo is actually really nice.

Flying solo is not really unique, but I couldn’t find any dupes in my stash. Simply said: most shades in my stash contain too much red or too much orange. Compared to the shade I pulled out Flying solo almost seems to contain a bit blue. I think the reason for this is that I usually don’t buy mid-tone pink shades. In the picture below you can clearly see that Peach side babe, Fondant of you and Stones n’ roses are too orange. China glaze Surreal Appeal, Bump up the pumps, Sunday funday and peach daiquiri are too red.

Comparison of Essie Flying solo, Stones n’roses, sunday funday, peach daiquiri, bump up the pumps

If you’re more into pinks than I am, you might be a bit careful with Flying Solo, since this definitely is not a unique shade and you might have dupes. On the other hand, it is a really nice color and I think it will look great on almost everyone. If you’re interested in an overview of the other flying solo polishes, check out this post.

You can check out Flying solo on Amazon over here to see whether it is stil available. (affiliate link).

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