Essie Friends Forever (+ again new Essie shades?)

Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing OK in these crazy times. I’ve been very busy; I have a few paper deadlines coming up. In the mean time I am thrilled to show you this new Essie Friends Forever shade. I’ve been told that this is not a new Essie LE, but that Essie is updating their permanent line and Friends Forever is its newest member. I’ve also heard that it might be part of a new Celebrating Moments 2020 collection, so I am not sure which one I have to believe. I am really not sure about any of this and it is just a rumour, but it’s the only information I’ve got about this shade. I also spotted a bottle called Essie Hello world (any programmers out there? ), which was the most beautiful white polish with iridescent shimmer, and I believe there were even more new shades.

The bottle of Essie Friends Forever, at some angles it looks like a regular puple creme, but when you turn it and the shimmer appears it looks amazing.

In the shade Essie Friends Forever just looks like a bright purple creme. But when the light hits the polish the blue shimmer comes out. Seriously, it almost looks radioactive at the right angle. I want to do a little expectation management over here: the shimmer is subtle, I’ve already seen people complain it was too subtle.

Three coats of Essie Friends Forever

In the pictures I am wearing three coats. Forever Friends is almost coveraging with two coats, but it does not have the same deep color as with three coats. Because of the shimmer the polish dries a bit dull. You’ll definitely need to topcoat it in order to make it look awesome. I am super surprised that Essie released a color like this. It just seems like such a bold choice for Essie, but I don’t mind. My heart even skips a beat when I look at this polish!

Swatch of Essie Friends Forever, a purple shimmer
Essie Friends Forever

Honestly I have no clue when Essie is going to officially release this shade and when it is going to be available everywhere. I was able to find it over here on German Amazon (affiliate link). If you’re looking for something similar but you’re not able to find Friends forever, you might want to check out OPI Samurai breaks a nail (affiliate link), which is like this polish but is more intense. I’m just super excited about this mysterious Essie shade! If you’re looking for a list of Essie’s summer 2020 LE’s you can look here (but this one is not in there!).

EDIT: I always wear basecoat underneath a polish (this time I even used Essie’s grow stronger). Friends Forever still stained my nails a horrible pink color. It was really really really bad. For me this would be a reason to skip this polish. I really advise everyone who wants to try this polish anyway to use two coats of basecoat!

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4 thoughts on “Essie Friends Forever (+ again new Essie shades?)”

  1. Thank you for your thoughts on this color. I applied it yesterday and I am actually excited about it. It is simply my colour, purple suits me. I hope that I will not get a nasty surprise when I paint it off. How long have you had the shade on your nails?

    1. Good to hear that you like this color. I’ve had it on for about 5 days, so quite long. And I’ve noticed more often that my nails are prone to staining.

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