Essie Summer 2020 collections part 2 (Perfect 10 + Let it ripple and more)

So I was just casually looking through Essie swatches when I found out that there were again new Essie collections coming up! You can find part 1 of the Essie summer collections over here. That post is actually getting a bit out of hand, so that’s why I am working on a part 2! At this point there is extremely little to find about these new collections. But I will share what I found out. There is much more info about these collections than a couple of weeks ago, so I updated this post with swatches and other stuff I have found!

Perfect 10

I’ve heard this is an Ulta exclusive collection. It is a three piece gymnastics inspired collection since the name of this collection is a reference to the maximum score you can get at gymnastics (as someone suggested in the comments, it might have been olympics inspired).

This is what the Ulta website says about it: “Slip into your spandex and prepare to gleam, wow the judges as you land on the beam! A balancing act like this requires skill and luck, summer-sault into #1 with a seamless back-flip n’ tuck, applause roars as you hit the floor… you’ve stuck the landing with a perfect 10 score! Three limited edition vibrant and playful shades, exclusively at Ulta.”

The collection consists of three polishes: A blue shimmer, balancing act, a yellow shimmer called perfect 10 and a red shimmer called Summer-sault.

Let it ripple

This collection is in the same display as the Sunny Business collection. It is a collection inspired by surfing or water. From what I’ve seen it mostly consists of shimmers. I haven’t found any pictures on the internet yet. So I guess we have to be patient!

Yes! I finally have more news about this collection. On Livwithbiv you can find all swatches and comparisons. The collection consists of 6 shimmers with a duochrome shift. Some of them are quite translucent. But I guess it fits the water-theme. This collection is really unique. So far it hasn’t been spotted in Europe yet, so I am not sure I will ever be able to get my hands on it.

I think this collection is really unique for Essie and might be a response to OPI’s Hidden prims and Neo Pearl collections. It is not my cup of tea so I’m pretty sure I am going to skip this collection myself.

Check it this collection out over here on Amazon (affiliate link).

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Speed of life (New Essie Expressie shades)

I think Essie is going to do the same thing with the Expressie shades as they are dong with the Gel Couture line right now: release new shades every now and then. Their new collection is going to be called “speed of life”. The new colors are going to be called so matcha energy, energized and wise, high energy low stress, on to the next, speed of life, clock in, fueled up, in the fast lane, and re-charge to take charge.

Quite funny that they all seem to be inspired by hurrying and the doing everything quickly.

New regular Essie shades or a celebrating moments collection?

I have mentioned this in the review of Friends Forever. There clearly are new Essie shades. But it is a bit unclear to which collection they belong. I’ve heard rumours that they are being added to Essie’s permanent line but also that they might belong to a new Celebrating moments collection. It might now seem that they are both: In Germany these polishes are added to the permanent collection as part of a “thankful” collection or something like that. Anyway, I really enjoy them. I haven’t heard anything about them in other countries.. so I am not sure whether they are going to be released world wide.

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I was so much in doubt if I was going to post this….not because of the polish, because that is freaking gorgeous! I have some sort of weird heat irritation going on on my pointer and middle finger ……it just looks ugly But, back to the polish Isn’t she pretty? This is three coats of shimmery goodness that’s called Hello World and I think that it’s, like the polish in my previous post, part of the (new?) Celebrating Moments collection……. The formula is so good, especially for a light polish! I top it all of with a top coat (the Essie Gel Couture in this case) #essie #essielove #essienails #nailsofinstagram #nagellack #naillacquer #smalto #nailpolishlover #nailpolishjunkie #essieclubcollab #eccfeature #nailpolish #essieaddict #nailpolishobsessed #essienailpolish #essiepolish #obsessie #essiefan #essienista #essiegirl #essie #essieliebe #essielook #essienagellak #essiehelloworld

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Some informatio is still a bit vague. I’m very curious to see whether these collections will come to Europe too and whether the permanent polishes will also be available in the rest of the world! It’s all very exciting. I will try to update this post whenever I have new information. In the mean time, check out the Essie summer 2020 post part 1 or the new Essie Fall 2020 collection.

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      1. Jennifer Lundgren

        true. probably bad to have them laying around for a year. some essie polishes fade over time.

  1. Liv with Biv posted a sneak peek of Let it Ripple on her YouTube channel, and the third color for the Perfect 10 collection is finally up on Ulta! It’s a gold shimmer called Perfect 10…which makes sense on many levels.

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