Essence – Rock my world! (The gel nail polish)

Bottle shot of Essence rock my world

I have to admit that I have never worn the new Essence Gel polishes. I own a few, but there were always other polishes to try and to wear. My local drugstore had a “buy one get one free” sale on all nail polish. Obviously I had to buy some Essence and Rock My World! caught my eye. I was actually looking for a different polish, but there is always room for one more!

Swatch of Essence Rock my world!

Rock My World! is a grey nail polish with a hint of green. It’s quite hard to classify this polish. Since outside it looks definitely grey and inside it looks like a dusty green. Rock My World! is definitely one of those colors why I love Fall. It’s dusty and a little bit edgy, exactly what I love!

Swatch of Essence rock my world

The best part is that Rock My World! is almost a one coater. I’m wearing 2 coats in the pictures, but on most nails I could have gotten away with one. I think this color would be perfect for nail art! It so easy to apply! I definitely know which shade I will be grabbing when I’m in a rush.

Swatch of Essence Rock my world!

I’m definitely also impressed by the wear of this polish. I remember with the old Essence nail polish, that I could wear them for around 2/3 days before they started chipping. Now, they definitely last longer! I took these pictures when I was wearing Rock My World! for 3 days. Usually, when I take pictures after 3 days, I can already see major tipwear. But not with Rock My World!

I’m really impressed with Rock my world! and the gel polish line. I’m curious to see if every shade that I bought applies and wears like this! Too bad that Essence doesn’t have holographic polishes in their regular line, because I would buy them all!

Have you ever tried one of the gel polishes from Essence?

4 thoughts on “Essence – Rock my world! (The gel nail polish)”

  1. debbeautygoddessnl

    Mooie kleur voor de herfst! Ik heb nog een zwarte gel polish liggen van Essence, die zal ik binnenkort eens uitproberen. Ik had deze eigenlijk voor stempelen gekocht, maar daarvoor beviel ie mij toch niet zo goed.

    1. Ben benieuwd naar de zwarte. Ik kwam er een tijdje terug bij een nailart achter dat ik helemaal geen normale zwarte lak heb. Dus als die van Essence goed bevalt is mooi meegenomen!

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