Essie – Private Weekend (Summer 2015)

Swatches of Essie private weekend

When September started, I was ready to wear my Fall nail polishes again and was preparing for colder weather. I think I’ve said it before but I love all Fall polishes. However, the weather here has suddenly been warmer than it was in summer. So I dug out my unworn summer polishes again!

Swatches of Essie private weekend, a white creme nail polish

One of them is Essie – Private Weekend. I bought is a while ago at TK maxx, but I didn’t have time yet to wear it. I mainly bought it because the shimmer in the bottle is amazing! However, on the nail, nothing! I almost pressed my eyeball onto my nail trying to find the shimmer, but it’s nowhere to be found.

Swatches of Essie private weekend

Private Weekend is basically just a regular white creme polish. The formula was OK for a white. It covered in three coats. I still saw some streaks, but it wasn’t too noticeable. All Essie polishes that I bought at the TK maxx have the skinny brush, instead of the wide European brush. I normally do not care that much about it, but I felt like a wide brush would have really helped.

Swatches of Essie private weekend

I like the final result. White is a perfect nail polish to wear in the end of summer, because it compliments a tanned skin. In the beginning of summer it doesn’t look as nice on me, since I’m usually very pale still. Although I love the minimalistic look, I always feel the need to make some nail art on white nails.

Overall, I like this polish, but I feel a little bit deceived by the shimmer in the bottle. Maybe I still would have bought it if I knew that it wouldn’t have shown up at the nail. A nice white polish always comes in handy. On the other hand, I really would have loved a polish that looks like Private Weekend in the bottle.

Do you know any good white shimmery polishes?

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