Fall 2022

Orly Fall 2022 (Surrealist)

I have been googling like crazy to find some sneak peeks of the Orly Fall 2022 Surrealist collection. For a very long time, I wasn’t very successful, until I finely came across this article from Nailsmag! Apparently, Orly is going for an art-themed year, because after the Spring 2022 Impressionist collection and the summer 2022 […]

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Essie Fall 2022 (‘Off the grid’)

It’s time today for Essie’s Fall 2022 collection. The season of fall collections has apparently officially begun! Essie’s new collection is going to be inspired by nature and hiking! This collection is all about earthy neutrals, as Essie calls them. This is what Essie says about the collection: this fall, hang up the heels and

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