Masura – Lilac Angelite (Precious stones collection)

bottle photograph of masura lilac angelite

Remember that a while ago I showed you Masura – The Universe? Today I’m showing you Masura- Lilac Angelite. I was very excited to try this one, since I really liked The Universe. Lilac angelite is the only one that I bought that is not from their magnetic gradient collection but from their precious stones collection. The magnetic gradient collection consists of magnetic polishes with holo shimmer. The precious stones collection also consists of magnetic polishes, but not all of them contain holographic shimmer.

swatch of masura lilac angelite

Lilac Angelite is a dark purple magnetic polish. It doesn’t contain holographic shimmer, but it does contain magnetic particles. When you apply it, it looks like a medium purple metallic polish. But once you hold the magnet above it, it almost turns into a black jelly. Of course with a magical swirl of the magnetic particles.

swatch of masura lilac angelite in low light

For these pictures I applied two coats on each nail. The magnet pulled away some of the polish, leaving some bald spots, but it wasn’t too noticable. I also tried it with three coats, but I got the feeling that the magnetic effect is less visible this way.

swatch of masura lilac angeliteAt first, I was a little bit disappointed in this polish when I first applied it. It was late at night and I didn’t really see the magnetic shimmer. But when I stepped outside in my first reaction was “WOW”. When the light hits it just right this polish is spectular! I tried to capture this in the pictures I’m showing here. Such that you know that it also sometimes looks a little bit boring.

Do I find this polish a must have? Yes! It’s definitely very special! But of course, it depends on how much strong magnetic polishes you already own. But I can imagine that you always need one more 😉 I bought mine at Hypnotic Polish, but their are also some other stockists.

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