Essie Winter 2022 (‘Wrapped in luxury’)

At the moment of writing this, I’m still waiting for Essie to release their fall 2022 collection in Europe. But Essie US always seems to be one step ahead of me and already released pictures of Essie’s new Winter 2022 collection! The collection is going to be called ‘Wrapped in luxury’, and is going to consist again of six new shades!


This is what Essie says about the collection:

Essie introduces its winter 2022 collection, a luxurious take on everyone’s favorite time of year. this ultra-rich range includes six alluring shades that are perfect for an evening of glitz and glamour. spend the holiday season wrapped in luxury with Essie as your favorite accessory!


The six new shades are going to be called:

  • Wrapped in luxury (a burgundy red creme)
  • Sleigh it (a warm midtone grey with brown undertones)
  • Midnight delight (a cognac brown with neutral undertones)
  • Not so silent night (a gold metallic)
  • Carols and caviar (a blackened grey with blue undertones)
  • Head to mistletoe (a sage green with refined pearl shimmer)
Essie Winter 2022

The above picture doesn’t really give a good impression of the entire shimmers, but I also found the picture below that does give a good impression of the shimmers:

I’m just going to be honest; I’m not sure whether all the brown shades are for me, but I’m very curious about what the shimmery green and bronze shade will look like in real life!

The collection is available for pre-order on Amazon US right now, and will be released on the 15th of September! There also will be three Holiday gift sets available, but they will not contain these new shades.

The first set (affiliate link to Amazon) will contain the following colors:

  • Set in stones (a silver glitter top coat)
  • Boatloads of love (a white shimmer from Essie’s Swoon in the lagoon collection)
  • Bahama mama (a deep purple creme)
  • Off tropic (a deep green creme)

The second set (affiliate link to Amazon) will contain the following colors:

  • Mrs. Always right (a pink/red creme)
  • A cut above (a pink glitter topcoat)
  • Penny talk (a rose gold metallic)

The last set (affiliate link to Amazon) will consist of three mini gel couture shades:

  • A mini gel couture top coat
  • Electric Geometric (an orange-red creme)
  • Spiked with style (a deep red creme)

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6 thoughts on “Essie Winter 2022 (‘Wrapped in luxury’)”

  1. Hello Anouk-

    I can’t believe Essie is promoting its holiday collection already! I just put on my first fall shade, which happens to be Essie’s cut it out. I stopped buying holiday shades a couple of years or so. I’ve got enough to last me especially since I only wear them in December. With that being said, I will check them out- just in case!


  2. I was amazed to see this winter collection at my store today ! I am very pleased though, because IMO the colours are perfect for fall !

  3. bonjour
    je viens de trouvé la collection sur le site NOTINO mais elle n’est pas complète il manque Wrapped in Luxury (le rouge bordeaux)
    bonne journée à toutes

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