Essie Summer 2023 (‘Push play’)

I’ve said it more often, but when one nail polish brand releases its summer collection, others soon follow. This post gives a sneak peek of Essie’s new summer 2023 collection, which is going to be called ‘Push play’. This is what Essie has to say about the new collection:

‘Push Play Summer 2023 Collection: Featuring 6 joyfully saturated shades inspired by the unexpected fun of a perfect summer day and designed for embracing simple play.’

The colors are going to be called:

  • In my sandbox (a milky off-white with pink undertones and a cream finish)
  • Grass never greener ( a vibrant grassy green vegan nail polish with blue undertones and a cream finish)
  • Push play (a rich cobalt blue vegan nail polish with red undertones and a cream finish)
  • Start signs only (a saturated coral red vegan nail polish with orange undertones and a cream finish)
  • Sunshine be mine (a bright sunny yellow vegan nail polish with white undertones and a cream finish)
  • Climbing high ( a muted chalky black vegan nail polish with yellow undertones and a cream finish)
Essie Summer 2023 ‘Push play’

The collection reminds me a lot of the logo of the Olympics, or of the paint they have at elementary schools, and both not in a good way. Although I will admit, the shades individually look like they good be great.

There is no release date for this collection yet. The collection is listed on Amazon, but currently out of stock, you can find it over here (affiliate link).

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