Essie Pattern Play (Gel couture Winter 2022/Spring 2022)

Essie Pattern Play is the last one of the new Essie collections. The new collection consists of six new shades in the gel couture range. It is probably the collection I like the most from the newly released winter 2022/spring 2022 collections (see Swoon in the lagoon here and Sk8 with destiny over here).

The official description states:

in your electric geometric suit, never afraid to take risks you’re all checked out from head to toe, and always chevron trend. bright, bold and totally plaid your mix of fab florals is sure to paisley the way. but it’s no surprise, as no matter what you wear, you’ll wear it with flair. your look never out of style.

Essie’s description

The colors are described in the following way:

  • Electric Geometric (vibrant red creme)
  • Paisley all the way (intense purple with blue undertones)
  • Totally plaid (olive green creme)
  • Fab Florals (amber brown creme)
  • All checked out (raisin brown creme)
  • Chevron trend (magenta creme)
The new Essie Pattern play collection

If I look at these colors, I just really feel the seventies vibe. The colors perfectly fit the theme, and I’m loving these kind of shades at the moment. I’m not sure whether I will still like them in spring, but during fall and winter these shades are very appropriate!


The shades are listed on the Ulta website, but at the moment of writing this, the shades are still out of stock. If you want to wait for other stores to have them: the equivalent of this collection last year was the ‘Brilliant brocades‘ collection. If you know when your favorite store had that collection in store last year, you can probably make a pretty good guesstimate when these shades will be available.

Update: You can also find the colors over here on Amazon US now (affiliate link). Also, at the moment of writing this, they are still out of stock, but be sure to check it yourself too!

Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Sadly, if you live in Europe, like me, this collection probably won’t be available. Although this is not officially confirmed, not one of this year’s gel couture collections was released in Europe. Of course, if Essie decides to release them, I will keep you posted! Update: This collection will be available in Europe, I don’t know whether all shades are going to be available, but at least the shades ‘All checked out’, ‘Totally plaid’, ‘Chevron trend’ and ‘Electric geometric’ will be! I swatched them over here. The colors are currently in stock at and at Boots.

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    1. I hope to get fab florals. I really love rusty orange, actually any kind of orange. We didn’t get “let it slide” of the “Ferris” collection either, I really don’t understand the selection strategy between US and Europe.

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