Essie Sk8 with destiny (Expressie, Spring 2022)

The ‘Sk8 with Destiny’ collection is another new Essie Spring 2022 collection. But this time, it’s an Expressie collection. In case you have missed it: Essie is also releasing a new Gel couture collection and a new Classic line collection (Check them out over here).

The ‘Sk8 with destiny’ collection is a skate-themed collection. I get the feeling that with the Expressie collection, Essie is trying to reach a younger ‘fast-paced’ audience. This is Essie’s official description of the collection:

with the trick clique all together and an open mind – it’s time to hit the park for the daily grind. yesterday’s problems? keep ‘em left on shred – every day is a new sk8 with destiny just waiting to be read. a smooth rider, sk8ting on air, feeling wind in their hair, you’re the bearer of rad news, always down to show off ur sick moves. in unmatched streetwear n’ tear do a flip, just for kicks, keepin’ it wheel as they take some quick pics. there’s no stopping you when you’re all ramped up, giving the crew what they want – a curbside pick me up. so, jump the fence, break the rules and #landit never forget, ur the #1 sk8 park bandit.


The collection consists of 10 new shades. The names are:

  • Trick Clique (Hot pink creme with blue undertones)
  • Street wear ‘n tear (Green creme with blue undertones)
  • Sk8 with destiny (Bright lilac with blue undertones)
  • Left on shred (Deep navy blue creme)
  • Daily grind (White creme with yellow undertones)
  • Bearer of rad news (Electric orange creme with red undertones)
  • Keepin’ it wheel (A dusty baby pink creme)
  • Just for kicks (A soft grey creme with green undertones)
  • All ramped up (A deep plum creme with yellow undertones)
  • Curbside pick me up (A vibrant yellow creme with green undertones)
All colors of the ‘Sk8 with destiny’ collection: Trick clique, Bearer of rad news, Daily grind, Left on shred, Street wear ‘n tear, Sk8 with destiny, Keepin’ it wheel, curbside pick me up, Just for kicks, All ramped up

I’m definitely excited about some of these colors. The namesake ‘Sk8 with destiny’ definitely caught my eye and I love ‘Just for kicks’.


You can find the entire collection over here on Amazon (affiliate link).

Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

The shades that are going to be available in Europe are: Trick clique, Sk8 with destiny, Streetwear ‘n tear, All ramped up, Left on shred, Daily grind. I expect these shades around the same time as the ‘hard to resist‘ nail harders. For my German readers: the shades are already available on DM’s website (not in the stores yet).

5 thoughts on “Essie Sk8 with destiny (Expressie, Spring 2022)”

  1. I fell in love with keepin it wheel shock. Unfortunately I can’t get this shade of the Collection Sk8 with destiny in Germany. Unfortunately, when I click on your link in Amazon, this shade is no longer available. Please please please can you still get Keepin it wheel? I really want this shade

    1. This shade is still available in the US. You only have to change your zipcode on Amazon to a US zipcode and then it will show up! Unfortunately, I also live in Europe, so I won’t be able to get it either!

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