Essie Gel Couture Matte topcoat

A new Essie product is in town: Essie Gel couture Matte Topcoat! You’re probably thinking that I’m kidding, but I’m not! Essie’s Gel couture line was always known for its shine, however, Essie probably thought it was time for something new!

Essie Gel couture matte topcoat

Essie has the following to say about this new topcoat:

Looking for an effortless way to have stunning nails? Gel matte topcoat is the quick fix.

The product works similar to the normal Gel couture topcoat: you first apply two coats of the gel couture color, and then finish with the matte topcoat. The difference is that the matte topcoat dries matte instead of glossy. To be more precise, Essie says it has a soft-matte finish resembling suede.

I’m personally not a huge fan of matte nails, and cheaper matte topcoats work fine for me. But still, I’m always happy to see a new Essie product.


The topcoat is now available in the German drugstore DM (at least online), together with some shades of the pattern play collection. However, I have also spotted the topcoat on in the UK (but ships to most European countries). Also, Maquibeauty in Spain has the topcoat already, and ships to most European countries. The topcoat is also available for pre-order on Amazon US over here (affiliate link).

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