Comparison of Essie Fiji to budget shades

Today I have a little bit of a different post for you. On Friday I showed you swatches of Essie Fiji. Over the years I’ve collected quite some similar colors. I just love the clean look that light baby pink nail polish gives. In order to give you a good idea about light baby pinks, I have collected mine and made a comparison post!

Comparison of Essence-Rosy in love Essie - Fiji, P2 little princess and Sinful colors easy going

The first ones are Essence – Rosy in love, P2 – little princess and Sinful colors – Easy going. They are all quite a bit different from Fiji.

Essence – Rosy in Love is from the Love letters limited edition which was released in 2014. The polish could have used some thinner, since the structure wasn’t very nice anymore. It is quite a bit darker and has more of an orange undertone to it. Rosy in love was definitely a big favorite in 2014, but now I do not wear it that often anymore. 

I expected P2 – Little princess to be a good dupe for Fiji, but Fiji is whiter than Little princess and has a cooler undertone. I still love Little princess, because this is just 2 coats!

Sinful Colors – Easy going is the polish I came across the most on the internet when looking for Fiji dupes. I must say that it is not really color accurate in the picture. However, in real life it indeed contains a lot more yellow than Fiji. Mine seems more eggshell/creme than pink. It is still a very nice color though!

Comparison of The body shop frosting fancy, L'oreal gourmandise and Essie Fiji

The next ones are already much closer to Fiji. The body shop – Frosting Fancy is the only polish that I own that is even lighter than Fiji. In most circumstance it just looks white. If you compare it to true white, you can see that it contains a little drop of pink.

L’oreal – Gourmandise used to be one of my favorites. When I applied it, I remembered why. The formula is so good and it covered in only 2 coats. It looks quite different from Fiji though. It contains a lot more blue and I would describe it as a lavender – pink shade instead of baby pink.

Comparison of Essence - My wishlist, Essie - Fiji, Rimmel Lose your lingerie and Catrice another Pink panther

These are the last ones that I own. Essence – My Wishlist is from the Christmas calendar of 2015. It is super similar to Fiji! If you would wear Fiji on some nails and My wishlist on others, no one would notice it. I swear! The formula is pretty similar to that of Fiji, applied well in three coats.

Rimmel – Lose your lingerie is also quite similar to Fiji. However, it contains tiny white shimmer. When you look from a distance, it looks the same, but up close it looks different. I also do not like the substance of Lose your lingerie. It bubbled very quickly on me and I still needed to apply many coats to make it look decent. I would have skipped this one, because I cannot work with it! Lose your lingerie is still available on Amazon over here (affiliate link) but it is usually just as expensive as Fiji itself.

The last one is Another pink panther from Catrice. It is also from a limited edition in 2014. It contains more pink than Fiji and it has a frosty finish, which I do not like at all. I don’t think I’ve ever worn this polish, because I find the finish horrible. However, in pictures it looks pretty.

For me, the clear winner is Essence – My Wishlist. It is incredibly similar to Essie – Fiji. Unfortunately, I don’t think it is still available. But I know that Essence still has some other baby pinks in their collection. It might be that those are just rebottles of My Wishlist (that’s what I would do if I were Essence!). However, as you can see, I have quite some light pinks, so I don’t feel the need to try them anymore! If you want to buy Essie – Fiji, it is available on Amazon over here (affiliate link).

Note January 2020: Since most of the shades I am showing here are no longer available, I made a post about the best budget dupe (according to me) over here

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