China Glaze Dippin’ Dots collection (Summer 2022)

Another China Glaze summer 2022 collection? Yes! And let me tell you, this one is more summery than the Jurassic world dominion collection! This second China Glaze Summer 2022 collection is a collaboration between Dippin’ Dots and China glaze, resulting in an awesome color palette.

The collection is going to consist of six new shades, which are going to be called:

  • Arctic confetti (a white creme with neon glitter)
  • Lemon ice (a neon yellow shimmer)
  • Blue raspberry ice (a medium blue creme)
  • Strawberry Chillin’ (a neon pink shimmer)
  • Frosty lime (a neon lime green shimmer)
  • Rainbow ice (A neon glitter topper)
China Glaze Dippin’ dots for summer 2022

Although the Jurassic World collection was interesting, I’m really interested in this collection. It just screams summer to me, more than the Jurassic world collection. I’m personally really curious to see how these shades will look on the nail.

Sadly, this is all the information I have. I don’t have an official description of the collection and I don’t know when this collection is going to be released. It seems like there already might be some stores that have these in stock.

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