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Exciting news for the blog! I was contacted by Helen from Paperless Post, to try out their website. It’s something different from what I usually blog about, but I definitely wanted to try, and I had some time left. So why not?

Selecting a suitable card
What is Paperless Post?

Paperless Post is a web-shop for e-cards. The website is very well designed and Paperless Post has a beautiful blog too. Paperless Post sells different types of cards, ranging from more formal ones to more fun and spontaneous cards. Some of the e-cards you can design yourself, most of them are ready already and you only have to customize those a tiny bit.

Space themed card!
How does it work?

It’s very simple, first, pick a card. After this, you can customize the card further. Most of the time, you can change the card for free, but sometimes you have to use coins to decorate the card (more later, about the coins). Next up is an event page where you have to fill out all your contact information. It’s very convenient, you can give up a location using google maps, and you can ask the other persons to RSVP, and send the person a reminder!

Confirmation that I organized an “event”
Testing it out!

Sooo.. The other night.. The boyfriend and me had date night. The plan was to first go to Apollo 11 and after that to a nice restaurant. Perfect time to test Paperless Post. It would not be the end of the world if the e-cards did not show up and it was easy to check whether the service worked. For the occasion, I looked for an e-card with a “space-theme”. Everything worked out perfectly and smoothly. I was even able to set a reminder for the boyfriend, such that he wouldn’t forget! I think this service is great. Also for something more serious, your guests will get a reminder at the time you select, so they don’t forget the event.

What your guests will see
What is the price?

In order to order from the web-shop you need coins. Around 5 coins per card per person. The more coins you buy, the more discount you’ll get. But usually the coins are around 0.40 dollar. This means that it is around 2.00 dollar to send a card. I personally think this price is quite reasonable, compared to a real card. However, if you want to customize the card, it will cost you a little bit more.


Personally, I think this is a fun way to invite your guests to birthday parties or to congratulate them. I like the system for RSVP’ing, it’s very nice and convenient. And the fact that you can add a csv file makes my life a lot easier. I think this might definitely be a way to invite people to a special occasion. However, I think you might want to check whether the e-card did not and up in your guest’s spam. It’s always nice to check whether a person received a card anyway, so it’s not any different with this type of card.

I would like to thank Paperless Post for giving me the opportunity for letting me try out some of their products. We had a lot of fun trying it out!

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