Nail polish news: OPI!!

OPI is always a very nice brand to follow. I’ve already spotted the Tokyo a collection a couple of times. I’m mostly excited about the OPI Fall collection, mostly because…. It’s super new!

OPI Summer 2019 Tokyo

Wow, this collection is already on the market for a couple of months now, but if I look at it I’m still starting to drool. I limited myself to one polish, this one. Maybe you will see a post on the blog very soon about this polish, but in the mean time, you can check out the full collection over here. Maybe it’s because I’ve been in Tokyo in 2017, but I love this collection. It’s very refreshing and different from what I’ve seen before from OPI. It should be widely available and I already spotted it in stores, even in the Netherlands.

OPI Neon 2019 collection

Almost every year OPI releases a Neon polish collection as I remember correctly. A nice overview of this year’s collection can be found here. I think it should be quite easy to obtain if you live in the US, but here in Europe I haven’t seen them around (yet). To be honest, not really a lost I think most of these neons have already been made before. If you don’t have any neons and you come across this collection, it might be worth giving it a try! However, if you really want neons, I would try the Essie Summer collection first.

OPI Fall 2019 Scotland

For me personally, it’s a little bit early for Fall collections, but they are my most favorite collections. So I was very excited that you can already buy the OPI Scotland collection on-line. You can find it already on amazon or on nailmail. I haven’t seen this collection in dutch stores yet, so I don’t think is already available. Also no trace of it on the OPI website so it, so some webshops and reviewers are just early. Phoebe Moon already posted a full review of this collection on her youtube channel here. To be honest, I find it a very decent fall collection, but nothing really special. I think I already have some similar colors

The polishes at the Big Bazar that I ended up buying.

OPI Infinite shine 2 at the Big Bazar

Let’s save the best for last. For all dutch people, I already gave a sneak peak in this blog post. The dutch store Big Bazar sells OPI Infinite Shine 2 polishes for 7.99. There are mostly shades from the Iceland collection (Fall 2017) and Lisbon collection (Summer 2018). I was super surprised, mostly because they are very recent shades and retail prices for the infinite shine collection are over 20 euros. So if you come across a Big Bazar you should definitely drop by the cosmetics section!!

Yes there is more nail polish news. But this was it for now. I’m really looking forward towards the OPI Fall collection, although it is not really special.

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