Nail Polish news: Upcoming Essie collections (Spring 2020)

Hello everyone! A lot has happened in a couple of months. As you might have noticed Essie is one of my favorite brands, and they are releasing a lot of collections this spring. To keep you on track, I thought it was a nice idea to give you a small update on all the new collections they are releasing.

So Essie is going a bit crazy again this Spring (remember this summer?). I have a small overview for the people who have lost track too!

Valentine’s collection

This year Essie is releasing a Valentine’s collection with special wrappers again. To be honest, I probably won’t pick them up. The colors are nice but pretty standard. If you are looking for nice basic shades in classic nail colors, this collection might be for you.

Flying Solo

Next up is Essie’s Flying Solo collection. Apparently this is the “in between” collection. With this, I mean that the Flying Solo collection is the collection between the Christmas 2019 collection and the Spring 2020 collection. It is a huge collection consisting of 9 polishes. I find the Flying Solo collection very pretty. However, it leans a bit to the Spring/Summer kind of vibe and not a collection I would have released in January/February. My personal recommendations from this collection are Flying Solo (a mid-tone pink), One way for one ( a blue based pink with gold shimmer) and You do blue (a periwinkle blue with pink shimmer).

Preliminary swatch of Essie Flying Solo. The only one so far from the Flying solo collection that I was able to get my hands on. You can view the full review and swatch of Flying solo over here.

Spring in your Step (Spring 2020)

The third collection is Essie’s “real” Spring 2020 collection called Spring in your Step. I only just saw some swatches coming by and I am very excited. It is so new that it’s not even on Essie’s own website yet. It consists of 6 polishes, three cremes and three shimmers in fun Spring colors. Some of these colors seem amazing. I love it! I basically love all the colors in here and I love the theme!


So in the meantime Essie is also releasing a complete new line called “Expressie”. Apparently this is some new line of polish that dries super quick and can be used on the go. I always believe that you should take your time when it comes to nail polish, so I am a tiny bit sceptical. Apparently this line consists of four sub-collections. I am not sure whether Essie is planning on releasing more limited edition Expressie collections like they do with the Gel Couture polishes. Unfortunately I have not seen many reviews or complete swatches of these polishes yet, only a couple of post on instagram and youtube. However, gingerlypolished has a post about where she tries a couple of them over here. I have to admit, they definitely are releasing some unique colors in this line that I have never seen from Essie before! On this website you can see an overview of all colors. I definitely see myself buying a few “Expressies” just to check whether they are nice. EDIT MARCH 2020: I have reviewed and swatched one of the Expressie polishes over here.

Originals Remixed collection

I am not sure whether this collection is offically announced already (EDIT May 2020: it now is!!). There seem to be some swatches of this collection. I am pretty sure that most of these collections will come to Europe too, but I am doubting about this collection. The originals remixed collection consists of 6 “remixed” classic Essie polishes. For example, the famous smokin’ hot (a purple creme) is remixed into Below Zero which is a purple shimmer. The only swatches I’ve found are from JessFACE90. They are nice, but I am not sure whether I will be able to find them over here.

EDIT MAY 2020: For swatches of the originals of this collection: I have swatched Angora Cardi over here and Smokin’ hot over here.

Timeless Tweeds

The last collection I want to mention is the Timeless Tweeds Gel Couture collection. It consists of 6 Gel Couture polishes, with office friendly/tweed colors. You can find swatches of this collection over here. I think there are some unique colors in this collection and that a lot of Essie lovers are going to like them. However, I am way more excited about the other Essie collections!

And that is all! All the new Essie Collections I have spotted so far. I am a bit overwhelmed, there are so many polishes! And so many awesome new collections. I already started making a list with polishes I really want and polishes I do not really “need”. There are just too many!

Which ones do you like best?

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