ILNP – Private reserve (New year’s collection 2016)

picture of the bottle of ILNP private reserve

Hello everyone! Happy new year to you all! I hope you all had a wonderful new year’s eve and that 2017 becomes a beautiful year 🙂 Are you already tired of all glitter polishes? To be honest, I am a little bit, and I’m longing for a nice neutral shade! But first, I want to show you ILNP – Private Reserve. ILNP released this polish in their New Year’s collection and it is one of their UltraMetallics shades. That means it is a super reflective, holographic metallic polish. I’ve already shown you one before, which was called The Harpist.

Swatch of ILNP Private reserve, of the ILNP's New Year's 2016 collection

Private Reserve is a dark grey polish, consisting of tiny metallic flakes and holographic sparkles. I expected this polish to be black, but it really is a dark grey. Although it belongs to the same range as The Harpist, I feel like this polish contains smaller flakes and contains a little bit less holographic particles. Nevertheless, it is really pretty and definitely suitable to wear to a New Year’s party!

swatch of ILNP private reserve in natural light

The formula of Private Reserve was a little bit on the thin side. I am wearing three coats in these pictures, although I feel like it might have been better to use two thicker coats. I don’t really mind, since ILNP polishes always dry super fast. The removal was a little bit annoying, since the metallic flakes get everywhere, but it is not as annoying as glitter. To be honest, this polish is definitely worth the trouble! I can’t believe I was actually considering not getting it, because I thought it was not special enough. Stupid me!

Swatch of ILNP private reserve

You can buy ILNP Private Reserve directly from ILNP or from one of their stockist. I bought mine from Hypnotic Polish. And while you are there, you should definitely check out their other UltraMetallics polishes, because they are all really pretty!

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