ILNP – Looking up (Winter 2016 collection)

picture of the bottle of ILNP looking up

As most of you probably have figured out right now, I’m a big fan of the brand ILNP. So when I  bought Private reserve from their New Year’s collection I also bought Looking up. ILNP released Looking up in their Winter collection, which is always released at the same time as their New year’s collection. I am a big fan of dark blue polishes with shimmer, so when I saw Looking up it was a no-brainer that I needed to have it.

swatch of ILNP looking up

Looking up is a dark blue polish with a metallic finish. Besides from that, it also contains small golden flakies and scattered holographic particles. The holographic effect is a little bit sparse in this polish. It becomes immediately clear why this polish is called Looking up. It looks exactly like a dark blue sky filled with stars. I’m really loving this look!

swatch of ILNP looking up in direct light

The coverage of Looking up was okay. The formula is like many other ILNP polishes, it is a little bit on the thin side. The polish is more or less opaque in two coats. But with three, it gets so much more deeper and beautiful. So I definitely recommend using three coats. I think it is also possible to layer this polish over a black polish, but I haven’t tried yet myself.

swatch of ILNP looking up

Well, again ILNP doesn’t disappoint! I think this polish is even one of my favorite polishes I have ever tried. Dark metallic blues are just one of my favorites ever and combined with gold flakes and holo, it is even more amazing! And I am sure that I’m not the only one that finds this polish truly mesmerizing.

You can buy Looking up directly from, but ILNP also has several stockists. I have bought mine at Hypnotic Polish, which is a stockist based in the Netherlands.

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